Swim the Charles

Swimming the Charles River

Cities around the world—New York, London, Berlin and Melbourne—are seeking to reclaim their urban rivers for swimming. In the midst of this race to be the world’s first city to return swimming to formerly polluted river waters, Boston has a unique and enviable edge: the Charles, the cleanest urban river in America. After hundreds of millions of dollars of public investment, and decades of work, the Charles is clean enough to swim most days of the summer.

One simple step remains: a place to get in. The goal of the Swim Park Project is to build a safe, fun, and accessible seasonal swimming facility in the Charles River to be enjoyed by everyone. This ‘swim-park’ would be conveniently located within North Point Park, along the border of Cambridge and Boston.

In order to engage support for the Swim Park Project, the Conservancy holds an annual community swim event, City Splash, in the Charles River.


For more on the Swim Park Project, please click here.

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For press inquiries, please contact Lucy Salwen at 617.300.8171 or lsalwen@thecharles.org.

For more information about the Swim Park Project generally, please contact Vanessa Nason at 617.300.8162 or vnason@thecharles.org.

To support progress towards a seasonal Swim Park in the Charles, please give to the Charles River Conservancy