The Charles River Conservancy and Google Maps Unveil never-before-seen Digital Views of the Charles River



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The Charles River Conservancy and Google Maps Unveil never-before-seen Digital Views of the Charles River

Specially collected imagery from the Charles River is now accessible online


Cambridge, MA – December 10, 2015 – Today, Google Maps and the Charles River Conservancy (CRC) will announce a special collection of imagery for Google Maps Street View. The 360-degree imagery will allow online users to access views of the Charles River as seen if positioned directly on the water and from public paths around the Charles in Boston and Cambridge. The new imagery will be officially announced during an event at Google’s Cambridge offices featuring readings and conversations from CRC’s River Stories III, a collection of memoirs, poems, reflections and artwork about the Charles River by local writers including NPR’s Tom Ashbrook who will M.C. the event. The imagery, which was collected by water and land with Google’s high-tech Trekker camera using a DCR golf cart and a boat, will be unveiled on a projection screen during the event.


“It is the hope of the Charles River Conservancy that the ability to experience the Charles River online will also lead to more active and engaged stewardship of the river and its surrounding parklands,” said Renata von Tscharner, Founder and President of the Charles River Conservancy.  “The Charles has come a long way from its dirty past because people in this area have committed to being advocates for the river. We even have people swimming in it now, and we think having it live online can help grow that local love and appreciation for the Charles in the digital era.”


“Given the critical role that the Charles River plays culturally and environmentally for Boston and Cambridge, it was a natural candidate for a special collection,” said Deanna Yick, Street View Program Manager. “The Charles River is home to the Head of the Charles and Boston’s Fourth of July celebrations. It’s where Boston goes to play, where students go to learn, and it is simply such an important feature of the city historically. We are especially proud to partner with the Charles River Conservancy in making the imagery of the Charles more accessible online.”


To access the imagery, click here.


About the Charles River Conservancy

About the Charles River Conservancy: The Charles River Conservancy is dedicated to the stewardship, renewal, and enhancement of the urban parklands along the Charles River, for the enjoyment of all. The Conservancy promotes the active use and vitality of the parklands, increases recreational and cultural opportunities, and works to ensure the beauty and integrity of this extraordinary public resource. Follow CRC on Twitter @CharlesRiverCRC or at You can also find us at

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