Harpoon brewery to make new beer from Charles River water


Watch the WHDH video here: http://www.whdh.com/story/29936362/harpoon-brewery-to-make-new-beer-from-charles-river-water


Harpoon Brewery plans to create a new type of beer manufactured from water taken from the Charles River.

Newton based Desalitech took 400 gallons of water from the Charles River, filtered it and made 18 kegs of Harpoon’s new “Charles River Pale Ale,” available at Harpoon’s Boston brewery.

“It’s kind of a fun thing to take water people think is unsuitable and use it as a brewing ingredient that demands highest level of purity,” said Harpoon President Charles Story.

Using the river water will also help over the river’s reputation of having dirty water, said a local official.

“The stigma attached to that water is so powerful we have to overcome the barrier,” said Charles River Conservancy’s head Renata Von Tscharner.

The beer will be unveiled at Hubweek festival in October.

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