LETTER: EPA closes loopholes to prevent water pollution


Posted June 1 on WickedLocal Cambridge


To the editor:

Although residents of Cambridge and the Greater Boston area have seen an enormous amount of success in cleaning up waterways like the Charles River, it is still not 100 percent swimmable. It meets an overall boatability of 82 percent and swimability of 54 percent.

Clean Water Act, one of the nation’s main environmental laws, has played a major role in cleaning up Massachusetts rivers and streams along with others across America. However, polluting industries have found loopholes in the law that currently leaves nearly two million miles of streams at risk for pollution nationwide.

The Environmental Protection Agency came out with rulings last week that would close these loopholes and stop this pollution. We urge residents of Massachusetts as well as our senators to stand behind these rulings and show their support on this campaign to protect our water supply in America.

— Maha Shahid, Norfolk Street


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