Critique of Daly Field plan leaves out key details


YOUR EDITORIAL urging Governor Baker to further review Simmons College’s innovative public-private partnership that would restore Daly Field to meaningful public use and enjoyment failed to mention the most important facts (“Baker should put the brakes on Daly Field plan,” April 28). In December 2014, the opponents of the proposal, including attorney George Bachrach and the Charles River Watershed Association, exercised their right of appeal. On April 15, 2015, Bachrach and the other opponents entered into not one, but two settlement agreements in support of the restoration of Daly Field.

In settling with Simmons and the Allston-Brighton Friends of Daly Field, Bachrach and the other opponents agreed that “the settlement agreement and final license serve the public interest.” In a subsequent communication Bachrach stated that the Environmental League of Massachusetts “stands by its settlement agreement . . . and we have no objection to the governor signing it.”

Our Governor and Boston Globe readers deserve to know the facts: the project has been through multiple layers of review and public hearings; 77 percent of the prime use time will be available to the public; the project’s chief opponents view it as serving “the public interest,” and Simmons’s substantial financial commitments would transform an unsafe and unusable tract of land into a state-of-the-art recreation facility for Boston schoolchildren, area residents, the general public, and Simmons College without the expenditure of taxpayer money.

Lynda M. Connolly

Chief of staff

Simmons College


Allston-Brighton Friends of Daly Field



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