Design Renderings for New North Washington Street “Charlestown” Bridge


by Matt Conti for the North End Waterfront


Boston Public Works has released image renderings for the long awaited reconstruction of the North Washington Street Bridge, also known as the Charlestown Bridge. The design takes strong cues from the neighboring Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge.

The bridge connects the North End and downtown Boston to Charlestown, creating an important connection for commuters. In addition, it forms a major pedestrian path along the Freedom Trail.

The new span will be multimodal, allowing expanded space for bicycles and pedestrians. A special feature is to have landscaped viewing areas. Public Works has also indicated the possibility of renaming the new bridge to something more creative.

The new bridge will have two travel lanes in each direction. During construction, the bridge will remain partially open (2 lanes inbound, 1 lane outbound). The new structure will have new supports built up from the harbor and a concrete underside that looks similar to that below the Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge.

Construction is expected to begin in 2016 and take approximately four years, including the rework of gas lines and utilities that currently span the bridge. Most of the $100 million price tag is coming from Federal highway funds with the balance from the state.

More information and design views are included in the latest presentation shown below.


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