DCR plans unveiled for green space


Watertown TAB, Adam Sennott

The Massachusetts Department of Recreation unveiled its plans to reclaim the riverfront along Greenough Boulevard during a town council meeting Tuesday, Jan. 14.

The DCR’s plans include adding green space and a multi-use path along Greenough Boulevard by removing a rusty guard rail and narrowing the street by one lane between Arsenal Street and Grove Street and by two lanes between Grove Street and the start of the Hells Half Acre Marsh, according to an Executive Summary of the plans. The project would also include removing more than 30 feet of pavement along certain sections of the riverbank.

The project is expected to cost somewhere between $800,000 and $1,300,000 according to the Executive Summary, which cited limited traffic and safety concerns as reasons for the project.

“Greenough Boulevard could be a lot greener if it was correctly sized for the amount of traffic it carries,” the summary read. “This broad roadway invites excessive speeds, is a threat to pedestrians and cyclists who try to use it, and crowds the riverbank causing erosion and runoff into the river.”

Councilor Angeline Kounelis said that she went over the initial plans for the project in January 2013 and was apprehensive at first because she thought they aggressively targeted intersections.

“I certainly would not support that,” Kounelis said.

After seeing the revised plan during the council meeting, Kounelis said she wanted feedback from residents.

“It’s going to be interesting to hear what the residents in the area have to say,” Kounelis said. “That’s important, listening to the community.”

Kounelis said she’s planning on having a community meeting in the near future to discuss the project.

“That’s being worked on,” Kounelis said.

Council President Mark Sideris said that he was surprised that while the plans were interesting, they weren’t exactly what he was expecting.

“They’re doing all kinds of work without paving and things like that, which is pretty interesting,” Sideris said.

Sideris said he wants to hear from residents at Kounelis’ community meeting before speaking further on the project.

“I’m going to reserve my additional comments until I go to the neighborhood meeting to see what the neighbors think,” Sideris said.

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