City Man Honored for Conservancy Work


City man honored for conservancy work

Waltham resident Brian McCormick, is being honored by The Charles River Conservancy for being the most active and committed conservancy volunteer. Brian has worked on projects of all kinds—from tree pruning to bulb planting—always giving a phenomenal effort. Since he began volunteering with the Conservancy Brian has served at 35 events.

The Charles River Conservancy organizes 2,000 volunteers every year at locations along the Charles from Watertown to Boston Harbor. Volunteers improve the parklands by planting flowers, repairing park benches, trimming brush, and removing invasives, doing their part to help the Conservancy fulfill its mission to make Charles River Parklands more active, attractive, and accessible. In addition to mobilizing volunteers, The Charles River Conservancy is also working on several major projects.



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